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 “Seasons’ Stranger,” about Cori’s search for her first love.  Cori’s pursuit of romance coincides with her favorite time of year—from the harvest festivities of the fall through the many celebrations associated with the Christmas season. Plan to join Cori in this romantic journey.

“Season’s Shadows,” continues with Cori’sSeason's Shadows Large Front adventures-this time taking her to the far east with the last person with whom she would choose to travel! As per usual, the more she probes the worse things get!

“Secluded Summer at Hidden Havens” Benita’s staff at her inherited literary agency are skeptical of her plans to exchange places with a high school creative writing teacher for the summerSecluded Summer Large Front session. She needs a break from the “heat” of Miami and the publishing world. What could really go wrong? This young adult novella woven within a novel delivers romance, mystery, culture, and special needs issues.

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