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Cuppa Minute Blog

Years ago, my parents had an electric coffee maker with a brand name “Cup a’ Minute.” The name of the blog is designed to serve double duty. It implies the time needed to invest in reading the blog should take no more time than a cup of coffee. Also, cuppa is used to represent a favorite, or what motivates us. What is your “cuppa?” Would it be a cuppa coffee or tea; or would it be fashion, food, smoothies, remodeling, scrap booking, writing, exercise?

I have been thinking about the launch of this blog for months, and my original name for it was “First Love.” So, this blog really is about defining and refining our first love. Our “cuppa,” if you will.

What does it mean to have left our first love? The reference is in John’s letter written from the Isle of Patmos to the Ephesian church.  The folks to whom he was writing were:

  • patient
  • recognized a fake when they saw one
  • performed an abundance of good works
  • hated bad works

But, they weren’t doing the works they had done at first.  They left their first love.  Their light—their effectiveness–was about to be taken from them because of it.

If you’re concerned, that’s what this blog is about.

  • How do we show the love of Jesus as we did when we first knew him?
  • How do we make Him our first love?