I Need Your Help!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Secluded Summer at Hidden Havens is my third book (in production). Thank you for your interest in the books I’ve written (Season’s Stranger and Season’s Shadows), collectively called “Season Your Reading,” though Secluded Summer… is not part of the series. I feel as though I am imposing, but I am asking for some favors if they fit into your available time and interests!

·         READERS/REVIEWERS for Secluded Summer …

Goal: Review written by you (only need a star rating and short statement) on Amazon or B&N when the book is released (late March/early April).

Procedure: I will send a manuscript copy to you soon (via email attachment). Please email me at wendyfarley816@gmail.com if you are interested!

Follow up: Though you already will have read the book, you will receive a complimentary copy of the book in the form you desire when it is published. (I’ll notify you when the book is published, and reviews can be posted.)

Launch: There will be book launches in BN Hadley and BN Holyoke: dates will be announced!

Information: Here is a synopsis as well as excerpts from Kirkus Reviews.

Hostile students, a floundered romance, inadvertent betrayal of a friend—Benita Sotolongo’s planned summer escape to her aunt’s historical Adirondack inn is the predicted disaster the staff at her Miami-based Soto Literary Agency had predicted. That realization dawned before apparent forgeries were discovered at Soto in her absence. Part romance, part mystery, Secluded Summer at Hidden Havens is a rom com, coming of age YA novella (Secret Trust) within a novel.

“The dialogue is often flirtatious, and the gossip between characters is downright infectious” –Kirkus Reviews

“A fun tale of two women’s summertime adventures, featuring compelling dialogue.” – Kirkus Reviews

·         PREVIOUS BOOKS. If you have read either of the previous novels, please leave a review! (By the way, Season’s Shadows was the winner of three awards!)

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