‘Environmental Stewardship’–A New Definition

Reflections on the book by Robert Morris, Beyond Blessed

A mission statement adopted at a public middle /high school where I was a faculty member contained objectives regarding environmental stewardship. At the time, I was grateful that as a community we agreed on the importance of taking care of the earth’s resources. A famous news television news commentator often opined, “who doesn’t want a clean earth?”

In Beyond Blessed, a follow up to the bestselling book, The Blessed Life, Robert Morris has created an entertaining yet serious and inclusive exposition on the all-encompassing best practices of stewardship vis a vis our respective environments, or milieus. Environmental stewardship, therefore, goes far beyond the best practices represented in the adages of reuse, reduce, and recycle. Stewardship goes well beyond budget development and skillful money management.

It was an enjoyable yet convicting journey through the pages of this book. I realized how lacking was my simple admonishments to my family that one will never have anything unless one spends and nothing unless one saves. Robert Morris adds a dimension that enhances and gives soul to practices he purports–true stewardship involves saving, spending and giving. Through stories of his own, his friends and acquaintances; biblical promises and principles; and relevant and interesting historical perspectives, Mr. Morris not only guides in how to end up with “money at the end of the month rather than month at the end of the money,” he shows us the spiritual interconnectedness with the world around us in doing so.

Morris describes how we are the “CFO” of every resource we will encounter within in the realm of our influence and that our attitudes have a great deal of bearing on what that realm encompasses throughout our lives. Included are what we earn, what we learn, what we give and to whom, what we revere, how we treat people, where we go—indeed, everything!  Further, our attitudes should reflect an awareness that it all belongs to God and that He cares about every one of us.

Heeding the wisdom explained so clearly on these pages could impact a great deal more than one’s money and resources. There truly are blessings unimagined in a lifestyle defined by thankfulness, generosity, and service to others.

For more information about the book go to http://www.faithwords.com