Unveiling the Vale of Depression

Followers (north of a half million on twitter) of Mandy Hale (aka The Single Woman) likely are thrilled to hear of her latest book, “You Are Enough.” They should be thrilled and so should anyone (read that everyone) who cares about abject sorrow and loss.  But keep reading! This is not a depressing book, though the specifics of trudging through a serious bout with depression are described in a personal and compelling way.

Rather, the book reads much like a page-turning novel. It is serious and light-hearted; contemporary and reflecting of time-honored values. Humor, wit and hope are plentiful elements throughout the recounting of her recent journey.  Miss Hale illustrates that her readers are enough–they don’t need validation, approval or permission to be themselves.

Does that sound intriguing or impossible? Might you find some portions of the book that are controversial for you? I would love to hear from you via comments on email, twitter or Facebook.