Cuppa Minute–What is Your Cuppa?


What is your “cup of tea?” Or in the slang, “cuppa?” Would it be a cuppa tea or coffee; or would it be fashion, food, smoothies, remodeling, scrap booking, writing, exercise? 

Haiti Update (2)

Haiti Children, who also know about “selfies!”

This blog is designed to take no more time than a cuppa coffee or tea. I also am using the term “cuppa” for what you love–perhaps what you love most! (A fuller explanation is provided on the “about this blog” page.)

When defining a personal “cuppa,” it can be useful to review what occupies our thoughts.  How many of you have similar thoughts to these?

  • If only the bathroom sink was wider, I would be able to do all of my grooming needs there instead of in front of the bedroom mirror (in other words, it could hold more junk).
  • If only this wasn’t a rebuilt DVR (read that, free after lightening fried the previous DVR), it wouldn’t be so finicky in the way it responds to manipulation.
  • If only there wasn’t an avalanche every time someone gets “a cuppa” ice from the ice maker.
  • If only folks would put their dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher, I wouldn’t have to get my hands dirty so many times a day.

It doesn’t get any better after my first cuppa coffee! Such are the problems of the First World (in the words of one of my recent customers). Does this mean that complaining is my cuppa?

This piece already is longer than I wanted, but please bear with me while I tell a short story. Responding to a challenge from the pastor of our church to be a positive presence in our neighborhood, we invited a lovely young surgical physician assistant to give a talk at the local fire station about her recent trip with a surgical team to a mission in Haiti.

I was stunned by her presentation, and I was doubly surprised because I didn’t expect to be stunned.  Most of my life I have heard reports from folks on overseas assignments. But the abject poverty remains just that–stunning.  Even as surprising was that the limited resources–whether in the surgical suite, the dining room, the neighborhood, or anywhere these lovely folks resided–did nothing to tamper their joy. I vowed to hold onto that mind-set and filter all my selfish tendencies through this new, enlightened lens.

So, do I still overspend, desire what I see, seek my own comfort, harbor complaints and express grumbling? I do! Do I still savor the ascendance associated with even the most pitiful spending power or status? I do! Is this the essence of life spent following Jesus? In fact, it is the direct antithesis.

I haven’t forgotten my feelings associated with the Haiti presentation, but it is just as much of a challenge today as it was a year ago. This is a work in progress and hearing of the honest struggles and successes in this realm from others would be helpful to me.

I am hoping the next blog will be from a guest, my nephew. He wrote an amazing eulogy about a very humble person, his grandfather, who defied so many of the “success” values that occupy our thinking. I’ll ask his permission when I see him.

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