Book Launch

  Secluded Summer at Hidden Havens If you would like to add this to your summer reading list, it’s now available to order through Barnes and Noble, and soon on Amazon (an administrative detail made the paperback temporarily unavailable for market cost). If you are in Western Massachusetts, I will hosting a Launch Party on … [Read more…]

I Need Your Help!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Secluded Summer at Hidden Havens is my third book (in production). Thank you for your interest in the books I’ve written (Season’s Stranger and Season’s Shadows), collectively called “Season Your Reading,” though Secluded Summer… is not part of the series. I feel as though I am imposing, but I am asking for … [Read more…]

Introducing Ella

… And Her Help With “Make A Wish Foundation” I would like to introduce one of the most amazing individuals I have ever known, my cousin Ella, and her amazing mom as well, Jami. (Jami is the daughter of Norma, who was the one of the cutest-ever flower girl in our wedding over 51 years … [Read more…]

New Book Review

Select the Book Review Tab to read the latest review … What They Meant for Evil … the riveting story about one of the Lost Girls of the Sudan. Look for its release in September, 2019.

Unveiling the Vale of Depression

Followers (north of a half million on twitter) of Mandy Hale (aka The Single Woman) likely are thrilled to hear of her latest book, “You Are Enough.” They should be thrilled and so should anyone (read that everyone) who cares about abject sorrow and loss.  But keep reading! This is not a depressing book, though … [Read more…]

On Being Unconventional

For this post, I promised a witty piece composed by my nephew commenting on the humble nature of my dad (his grandfather) and contrasting those traits with the values championed by almost all of us. I now have permission to publish his talk (the good news,) but he wasn’t able to locate it in writing. … [Read more…]